Hand Crafted


Contemporary unique ceramics hand made in Cape Town with love

Designing and creating are as natural as breathing to me. A professional landscape designer since the early 1990’s, I more recently took up the art of playing with mud to create beautiful hand made ceramics.

My home studio was developed in my garage during a terrible drought in Cape Town. Stringent water restrictions had me using harvested rain water for the making process and so Rainwater Ceramics was born.

My design style is mostly wheel thrown work with a few hand  built pieces created in a clean and contemporary style. Each piece is hand made from scratch with love and care which makes each item distinctive and perfectly imperfect. Variations in both shape and glazing are valued and embraced. 

All items are made from stoneware unless otherwise stated and are fired to 1200°C for durability. Pieces are glazed by hand with food safe glazes so that they are safe to use in your home.

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